Okay, so this post isn’t at all about R - but I can’t resist begging my readers for some help.

I’m trying to get some crowdfunding for my research on the evolution of native plants in agricultural landscapes. My campaign is part of a larger project by about 50 other scientists and me to see how well it works to go straight to the public to get funding for science research. All these projects, including mine, are hosted at a site called RocketHub - a site that hosts crowdfunding projects of all sorts – and now they have science.

It is important to get a few bucks at the beginning so that the people that don’t know me with deep pockets will hopefully chip in once they see the money ball rolling.

The funding will go towards paying some students to collect data in the lab for me.<

Here’s the link if you want to donate, or just to check out the video I made about my research! http://www.rockethub.com/projects/3790-evolution-in-agriculture

And watch the video here too: