This is how I edit videos of talks that I need to incorporate slides and video together

I’m on a Mac

  • import to iMovie (using v10 something)
  • drop movie into editing section
  • split pdf slides into individual files pdfseparate foobar.pdf %d.pdf
  • convert individual pdf slides into png sips -s format png --out "${pdf%%.*}.png" "$pdf"
  • import png’s into imovie
  • for each image, drop into editing area where you want it
  • when focused on the png of the slide:
    • select crop, then - choose fit, say okay
    • select “add as overlay” (very most left symbol), then choose picture in picture
    • then choose swap
    • then move inset to where you want it
    • say okay
  • rinse and repeat for all slides
  • export - via File option
  • share to youtube

e.g. of the result