My parents just found this email they had printed out from me from May 19, 2006, when I was 26. I chatted about some family stuff, then had this rambling string of weird thoughts below. I thought others might appreciate a good cringe - or cringy laugh - at my expense. It’s especially funny because I’m most def an atheist. I don’t know, those Tucson sunsets really are transformative.

… Actually, some deep thoughts:

So, what is it about a sunset that makes you feel so good? Is it that the sun is what provides us food ultimately, and we are grateful for its good day’s work once again. Or is it that we know that the day is over and we have survived it once again. Perhaps we think that it is god looking down on us and sendins us off to lay our heads down at the pillow again. But, what if a sunset allows us to get in touch with some more spiritual side of ourselves for a small period of time; for the sun setting marks the division between day and night, light and dark, and signifies maybe the division between our physical and spiritual bodies, such that its a moment to connect with that spiritual side for a moment before returning to the physical. Anyway…blah blah blah