Tech details about the site and how to "fork" it

Site features

Building from source

This blog is built using Jekyll, a static site generator written in Ruby by mojombo (aka god of GitHub) which creates html pages from markdown files. Here are the instructions for building the site from source. Let me know if you have problems building on GitHub.

Clone the site source code from GitHub

git clone

Install Ruby version >= 1.9

sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1-full

Make sure the latest version is selected

sudo update-alternatives --config ruby
sudo update-alternatives --config gem

Install Jekyll

sudo gem install jekyll

In the root directory of the project, run
jekyll serve
Wait maybe 10 seconds or so, and the site should be available by navigating to in your browser. You can push host your own site on GitHub in a repository (which will create a site by defult) or push the site in another repo (e.g., named myrepo) on a gh-pages branch, which will render a website for you.