iEvoBio 2011 Synopsis

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We just wrapped up the 2011 iEvoBio meeting. It was awesome! If you didn’t go this year or last year, definitely think about going next year.
</div><div>Here is a list of the cool projects that were discussed at the meeting (apologies if I left some out):</div><div><ol><li>Vistrails: workflow tool, awesome project by Claudio Silva</li><li>Commplish: purpose is to use via API’s, not with the web UI</li><li>Phylopic: a database of life-form silouhettes, including an API for remote access, sweet!</li><li>Gloome</li><li>MappingLife: awesome geographic/etc data visualization interace on the web</li><li>SuiteSMA: visualizating multiple alignments</li><li>treeBASE: R interface to treebase, by Carl Boettiger</li><li>VertNet: database for vertebrate natural history collections</li><li>RevBayes: revamp of MrBayes, with GUI, etc. </li><li>Phenoscape Knowledge Base</li><ul><li>Peter Midford lightning talk: talked about matching taxonomic and genetic data</li></ul><li>BiSciCol: biological science collections tracker</li><li>Ontogrator </li><li>TNRS: taxonomic name resolution service</li><li>Barcode of Life data systems, and remote access</li><li>Moorea Biocode Project</li><li>Microbial LTER’s data</li><li>BirdVis: interactive bird data visualization (Claudio Silva in collaboration with Cornell Lab of Ornithology)</li><li>Crowdlabs: I think the site is down right now, another project by Claudio Silva</li><li>Phycas: Bayesian phylogenetics, can you just call this from R?</li><li>RIP MrBayes!!!! replaced by RevBayes (see 9 above)</li><li>Slides of presentations will be at Slideshare (not all presentations up yet)          </li><li>A birds of a feather group I was involved in proposed an idea (TOL-o-matic) like Phylomatic, but of broader scope, for easy access and submission of trees, and perhaps even social (think just pushing a ‘SHARE’ button within PAUP, RevBayes, or other phylogenetics software)! </li><li>Synopses of Birds of a Feather discussion groups:</li></ol></div>

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