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USDA plants database API in R

October 19, 2016

API R ecology plants

nonoyes - text analysis of Reply All podcast transcripts

August 25, 2016

text-mining R

Marine Regions data in R

June 9, 2016

R shp spatial geospatial marine

atomize - make new packages from other packages

April 7, 2016

R package

scrubr - clean species occurrence records

March 4, 2016

R occurrences occurrence records species ecology

request - a high level HTTP client for R

January 5, 2016

R api http DSL httr

binomen - Tools for slicing and dicing taxonomic names

December 8, 2015

R taxonomy split-apply-combine

Crossref programmatic clients

November 30, 2015

python ruby R javascript crossref

noaa - Integrated Surface Database data

October 21, 2015

R API climate

Metrics for open source projects

October 19, 2015

data open source altmetrics code ropensci R

analogsea - an R client for the Digital Ocean API

October 2, 2015

R API cloud servers

oai - an OAI-PMH client

September 11, 2015

literature metadata datasets R

fulltext - a package to help you mine text

August 7, 2015

literature text-mining R

rnoaa - Weather data in R

July 7, 2015

R API NOAA web services weather

rerddap - General purpose R client for ERDDAP servers

June 24, 2015

R API NOAA web services

iDigBio - a new data source in spocc

June 8, 2015

R opendata

openadds - open addresses client

May 18, 2015

R opendata

lawn - a new package to do geospatial analysis

May 18, 2015

R geojson javascript geospatial

geojsonio - a new package to do geojson things

April 30, 2015

R geojson topojson geospatial

the new way - httsnap

April 29, 2015

R http httr

Faster solr with csv

March 20, 2015

R solr database

PUT dataframes on your couch

March 12, 2015

R couchdb sofa

csl - an R client for Citation Style Language data

March 11, 2015

R metadata

note to self, secure elasticsearch

February 26, 2015

R elasticsearch security

Package development

February 14, 2015

R development

httping - ping and time http requests

January 30, 2015

R http

elastic - Elasticsearch from R

January 29, 2015

R http API

binomen - taxonomic classes and parsing

January 19, 2015

R taxonomy

discgolf - Dicourse from R

January 15, 2015

R community API

R I/O for geojson and topojson

January 6, 2015

R geospatial spatial geojson topojson

gistr - R client for GitHub gists

January 5, 2015

R github

Museum metadata - the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

December 10, 2014

R history scraping

icanhaz altmetrics

December 8, 2014

R Python Ruby API altmetrics

Dealing with multi handle errors

December 8, 2014

R API http httr

Altmetrics from anywhere

December 8, 2014

R API altmetrics

Publications by author country

December 3, 2014

R API publications

http codes

December 2, 2014

R API http

taxize workflows

December 2, 2014

R API taxize taxonomy

1000 commits to taxize

November 28, 2014

R API taxize

Intro to alpha ckanr - R client for CKAN RESTful API

November 26, 2014

R API github database

Fun with the GitHub API

November 26, 2014

R API github

sofa - reboot

November 18, 2014

R API database couchdb nosql

Conditionality meta-analysis data

October 6, 2014

R data

rsunlight - R client for Sunlight Labs APIs

August 11, 2014

R API government

analogsea - v0.1 notes

June 18, 2014

R API cloud

analogsea - an R client for the Digital Ocean API

May 28, 2014

R API cloud

Logistic plot reboot

May 22, 2014

R ggplot2 vizualization

cowsay - ascii messages and warnings for R

February 20, 2014

R API ascii

rgauges - fun with hourly web site analytics

January 17, 2014


Jekyll - an intro

November 20, 2013

R github jekyll ruby

Guide to using rOpenSci packages during the US Gov't shutdown

October 8, 2013

R help

Taxonomy data from the web in three languages

September 27, 2013

R ruby python taxonomy

govdat - SunlightLabs and New York Times Congress data via R

August 28, 2013

R API government transparency

Working with climate data from the web in R

August 17, 2013

climate change phenology R API

R ecology workshop

July 31, 2013

R ecology ggplot2 reshape2 plyr

R resources

July 30, 2013


R to GeoJSON

June 30, 2013

R API geojson json openstreetmaps maps

Put some cushions on the sofa

June 21, 2013

R ropensci API database couchdb nosql

Stashing and playing with raw data locally from the web

June 17, 2013

R ropensci API database couchdb nosql

Fylopic, an R wrapper to Phylopic

June 1, 2013

R phylogenetic API

BISON USGS species occurrence data

May 27, 2013

R ropensci occurrence USGS API

Scholarly metadata in R

March 16, 2013

R ropensci metadata API

Visualizing rOpenSci collaboration

March 8, 2013

R ropensci github API

Getting a simple tree via NCBI

February 14, 2013

R phylogenetic

Waiting for an API request to complete

January 26, 2013

R API ropensci

Resolving species names when you have a lot of them

January 25, 2013

R ropensci taxize taxonomic

Open Science Challenge

January 8, 2013

R ropensci

Is invasive?

December 13, 2012

R ropensci taxize invasive

Shiny apps are awesome

December 10, 2012

R RStudio ropensci shiny

One R package for all your taxonomic needs

December 6, 2012

R open source data taxonomy ropensci ritis taxize

Displaying Your Data in Google Earth Using R2G2

October 24, 2012

R ecology mapping visualization google earth KML

Getting taxonomic names downstream

October 16, 2012

R open access data taxonomy ropensci ritis taxize

Exploring phylogenetic tree balance metrics

October 10, 2012

R phylogenetic tree shape

GBIF biodiversity data from R - more functions

October 8, 2012

R open access data GBIF biodiversity macroecology ropensci

Vertnet - getting vertebrate museum record data and a quick map

September 19, 2012

R ropensci open access data API

Getting data from figures in published papers

September 18, 2012

R open access data digitize API figshare meta-analysis

Scholarly metadata from R

September 17, 2012

R open access data metadata OAI-PMH

Getting data on your government

September 1, 2012

R government nytimes sunlightlabs API transparency

Getting ecology and evolution journal titles from R

August 31, 2012

R altmetrics ecology evolution doi

Making matrices with zeros and ones

August 30, 2012

R matrix simulation

ggplot2 maps with insets

August 22, 2012

ggplot2 map gridExtra inset R

Recent R packages for ecology and evolution

June 14, 2012

R python ecology evolution

mvabund - new R pkg for multivariate abundance data

March 19, 2012

datavisualization abundance R

Take the INNGE survey on math and ecology

February 17, 2012

R math statistics ecology

Scraping Flora of North America

January 27, 2012

R scraping

RNetLogo - A package for running NetLogo from R

January 23, 2012

NetLogo R

Function for phylogeny resolution

January 13, 2012

R ape phylogenetics

Presenting results of logistic regression

January 10, 2012

ggplot2 gridExtra R

Weecology can has new mammal dataset

December 29, 2011

Datasets ggplot2 plyr R ropensci stringr treebase weecology

Recology is 1 yr old

December 23, 2011

ggplot2 Evolution Ecology R

I Work For The Internet !

December 13, 2011

lubridate ggplot2 twitteR plyr R

LondonR meetings presentations

December 11, 2011

segue LondonR EC2 R

rOpenSci won 3rd place in the PLoS-Mendeley Binary Battle!

November 30, 2011

packages rmendeley openaccess ropensci rplos R

My talk on doing phylogenetics in R

November 18, 2011

packages phylocom tutorials phangorn Phylogenetics R geiger ggplot2 Evolution ape phytools Picante sciencetalks

My little presentation on getting web data through R

October 28, 2011

ggplot2 tutorials API codedev sciencetalks R ITIS Datasets

Two new rOpenSci R packages are on CRAN

October 27, 2011

packages Ecology codedev R

Two-sex demographic models in R

October 26, 2011

Papers Ecology R

New food web dataset

October 14, 2011

ggplot2 Networks igraph R

Phylogenetic community structure: PGLMMs

October 13, 2011

Evolution Papers Ecology Statistics Picante R

R talk on regular expressions (regex)

October 6, 2011

regex sciencetalks R

R tutorial on visualizations/graphics

September 30, 2011

tutorials sciencetalks R

My take on an R introduction talk

September 9, 2011

openaccess Methods sciencetalks R

rnpn: An R interface for the National Phenology Network

August 31, 2011

ropensci API Ecology R Datasets

Tenure track position in systematics at the University of Vermont

August 22, 2011

Evolution jobs Phylogenetics R

(#ESA11) rOpenSci: a collaborative effort to develop R-based tools for facilitating Open Science

August 8, 2011

openaccess Evolution API Ecology R Datasets

CRdata vs. Cloudnumbers

July 14, 2011

cloudcomputing R

rbold: An R Interface for Bold Systems barcode repository

June 28, 2011

openaccess API R Datasets

iEvoBio 2011 Synopsis

June 22, 2011

openaccess Meetings Methods Ecology Phylogenetics R Datasets

PLoS journals API from R: "rplos"

June 21, 2011

openaccess API Papers R

OpenStates from R via API: watch your elected representatives

June 10, 2011

R Datasets

How to fit power laws

June 7, 2011

Methods Papers Statistics R

searching ITIS and fetching Phylomatic trees

June 3, 2011

Phylogenetics taxize R ITIS

A simple function for plotting phylogenies in ggplot2

May 17, 2011

ggplot2 Phylogenetics R

plyr's idata.frame VS. data.frame

May 13, 2011

plyr R

Comparison of functions for comparative phylogenetics

May 11, 2011

Evolution ape Phylogenetics R motmot

Treebase trees from R

May 3, 2011

Phylogenetics R

Processing nested lists

April 28, 2011


Running Phylip's contrast application for trait pairs from R

April 26, 2011

Phylogenetics R

Phylometa from R: Randomization via Tip Shuffle

April 16, 2011

meta-analysis Methods Evolution Phylogenetics R

Adjust branch lengths with node ages: comparison of two methods

April 10, 2011

phylocom Methods Evolution Phylogenetics R

Phylometa from R - UDPATE

April 1, 2011

ggplot2 meta-analysis Phylogenetics R

basic ggplot2 network graphs ver2

March 23, 2011

ggplot2 bipartite Networks igraph R

basic ggplot2 network graphs

March 17, 2011

ggplot2 bipartite Networks igraph R

Five ways to visualize your pairwise comparisons

March 5, 2011

ggplot2 Methods lattice car R

Phenotypic selection analysis in R

February 24, 2011

Methods Evolution R

Phylogenetic analysis with the phangorn package: an example

February 21, 2011

Evolution Papers phangorn Phylogenetics R

Troubling news for the teaching of evolution

February 9, 2011

ggplot2 Policy Evolution Ecology plyr R Datasets

Good riddance to Excel pivot tables

January 30, 2011

plyr reshape2 R

R and Google Visualization API: Fish harvests

January 17, 2011

ggplot2 Ecology GoogleVis R Datasets

R and Google Visualization API: Wikispeedia

January 17, 2011

GoogleVis R

Bipartite networks and R

January 14, 2011

Networks R

Just for fun: data snooping

January 11, 2011

ggplot2 R Datasets

R and Google Visualization API

January 8, 2011

Ecology GoogleVis R

Ecological networks from abundance distributions

January 6, 2011

Ecology Networks R


January 5, 2011


New approach to analysis of phylogenetic community structure

January 5, 2011

Evolution Papers Ecology Phylogenetics Picante R

Phylogenetic meta-analysis in R using Phylometa

December 28, 2010

ggplot2 Evolution Ecology Phylogenetics R

A new blog about using R for ecology and evolution

December 27, 2010

Evolution Ecology R