After my presentation yesterday to a group of grad students on R resources, I did a presentation today on intro to R data manipulation, visualizations, and analyses/visualizations of biparite networks and community level analyses (diversity, rarefaction, ordination, etc.). As I said yesterday I’ve been playing with two ways to make reproducible presentations in R: RStudio’s presentations built in to RStudio IDE, and Slidify. Yesterday I went with RStudio’s product - today I used Slidify. See the Markdown file for the presentation here.

Check out the presentation slides here, and if you want, fork the code on Github, change it, submit changes back to me, etc. (click on the image to go to slides)

How I actually ran the 2 hr workshop was to present a few slides, then live demo writing the code out with students following along, with a number of times where they do something on their own.