I’m doing a presentation today to grad students on R resources. I have been writing HTML presentations recently, but some great tools are now available to convert text that is easy to read and write to presentations.

  • RStudio has something called R presentations, that is basically Markdown. This tool is built in to RStudio. See some docs here. A cool feature of RStudio’s presentations is that the preview of the presentation live updates on each save - nice
  • Another option is the slidify package, made by Ramnath Vaidyanathan. The canonical url for slidify is here. Slidify gives you more options and flexibity than RStudio presentations.

For this presentation I went with RStudio’s product. See the Markdown file for the presentation here.

Check out the presentation slides here, and if you want, fork it on Github, change it, submit changes back to me, etc. (click to go to slides)