analogsea is now on CRAN. We started developing the pkg back in May 2014, but just now getting the first version on CRAN. It’s a collaboration with Hadley and Winston Chang.

Most of analogsea package is for interacting with the Digital Ocean API, including:

  • Manage domains
  • Manage ssh keys
  • Get actions
  • Manage images
  • Manage droplets (servers)

A number of convenience functions are included for doing tasks (e.g., resizing a droplet) that aren’t supported by Digital Ocean’s API out of the box (i.e., there’s no API route for it).

In addition to wrapping their API routes, we provide other functionality, e.g.:

  • execute shell commands on a droplet (server)
  • execute R commands on a droplet
  • install R
  • install RStudio server
  • install Shiny server

Other functionality we’re working on, not yet available:

  • install OpenCPU
  • use packrat to move projects from local to server, and vice versa

See also: two previous blog posts on this package and


Binaries are not yet on CRAN, but you can install from source.

# install.packages("analogsea") # when binaries available
install.packages("analogsea", repos = "", type = "source")

Or install development version from GitHub


Load analogsea



As this post is mostly to announce that this pkg is on CRAN now, I won’t go through examples, but instead point you to the package README and vignette in which we cover creating a Digital Ocean account, authenticating, and have many examples.


Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear about any problems, use cases, feature requests.