1. In 6 months (end of November 2022) the CRAN Checks API will be gone
  2. You can still get badges at
  3. You can use the new badges like:
[![cran checks](](

Find more details at

Sunsetting the CRAN Checks API

If you contribute an R package to CRAN, you may use badges from the CRAN checks API at The CRAN Checks API has been operating since about September 2017 (I think).

The API has a number of routes, but really people only use the badges.

Given this usage pattern, and not wanting to pay for a server anymore, I’ve decided to make the badges available on a static endpoint that doesn’t cost me anything. There are costs of course - but they’re on Github and Netlify (thanks y’all!).

The new static site version

The static site is created using GitHub Actions.

For a static site you need to create files for any route you want to support - so the code for the static site creates 19 routes x No. of CRAN packages = approx. 360,000 svg files.

The badges will be updated once a day - the same schedule as the API.

I had to use Netlify because Github pages (as far as I know) doesn’t provide ssl certs for custom domains and my domain host doesn’t provide free Lets Encrypt certs - whereas Netlify does.

Some example routes you can look at

If you find any issues with the badges at open an issue.