Soooo, my last job at Deck was amazing. I loved it. I was doing data engineer stuff there, mostly maintaining infrastructure for data pipelines. Everyone was great and the mission was amazing: helping Democrats win. Yet the company was shut down about a month ago, sending me on another job search, the 3rd since early/mid 2021.

I’m super thrilled to have landed a job (Software and Reproducibility Software Developer) at the Fred Hutch Data Science Lab (DASL), headed up by Jeff Leek, working with Sean Kross, Amy Paguirigan, and Monica Gerber, among many other amazing folks.

I’m excited to help support the DASL mission to help cancer patients, care providers and researchers.

In addition, I get to do a bunch (maybe all?) of software work as opensource, mostly in R and Python. After two jobs where opensource wasn’t really part of the job, it’s such a treat to get back to doing opensource work. Perhaps it will mostly be conversing with Fred Hutch people, but the goal is to make tools that will help far beyond Fred Hutch.